Our Mission

Fanraise is committed to providing communities with an easier way to show pride in the things they are passionate about.

Our Story

From the beginning, one fundamental question drove us:

“Why should some fans matter more than others?”

They don’t! You should have just as much access to gear to support your fandom as any fan of the NFL or Apple. You care just as much as those fans, so why can’t you buy merchandise when YOU want to, on YOUR schedule?
To help answer this question, we started researching the industry. Previously, you either had to order from an online store that was only open for 2 weeks, or you had to manually write down every size and style and submit it to a print shop.  Either way, you were sorting through boxes of merch, and had to order in bulk.
To solve this, we took matters into our own hands and founded Fanraise in 2016.  We provide custom online stores for schools and athletics programs, as well as corporations and organizations with passionate fan bases on a beautiful and seamless e-commerce platform.